Friday, March 21, 2003

hey, it's me... and i still like pizza!

Saturday, July 13, 2002

*sigh* Another day, another blog~ i really SHOULD get a life. wait a minute, YOU need a life too! i'm not aloooone! anyways, my day was blissfully uneventful. i woke up around 930 in a lot of pain from the gym yesterday. as i groggily searched through the fridge for a breakfast of champions, a very American thought crossed my mind~ "i wonder what's on TV?". so, i paraded stiffly (from sore muscles. Poor me.) over to the idiot box with breakfast. Being a Saturday morning around 10, there wasnt too much on besides sports, news, and the always popular, weather channel. i found my interest draining as i frantically searched for a program of some intelligence, and then...voila! Cartoons! i quickly sat up, bright eyed as i turned up the volume and joined millions of viewers in their glee (all of whom are a good many years younger than i). after breakfast, i padded curiously over to my computer. And there I sat. Many hours later, and my situation has not improved...
As you all know, I like pizza. quite frankly, im in love with the stuff. how many world problems could be solved or avoided by just, ordering a pizza and talkin it through over a steaming pie of utter-pizza-goodness? All lot, ill tell you what. well, there's my two cents for the day. Go get yourself a pizza, and, hey, invite a friend. if you dont have a friend, walk around holding a pizza. that'll get you some fast friends, or a least a drooling pack of children and bums, maybe some dogs, following you. any way, that's not the point. Just go get a damn pizza!
Happy Trails!
~insane pizza lover